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The Older Iowans Legislature is a statewide non-partisan, non-profit volunteer organization. Its members advocate for state legislators and the Governor to sign legislation that will result in an improved “Quality of Life for Older Iowans”.

The Older Iowans Legislature places special emphasis on the frail elderly; those citizens who have contributed much to our society, but have exhausted their resources and in need of assistance to lead meaningful lives.

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SEPTEMBER 26-27, 2016

Attendees at the upcoming annual meeting of the Older Iowans Legislature will have a golden opportunity to study and discuss issues and then vote on proposals that impact the lives of all Iowa’s seniors.

Helene Magee, Chair of the Older Iowans Legislature (OIL), explained that the grassroots organization with have presentations regarding senior rights, workforce and access to care and services, navigating and improving the system (information and resources) and on quality care.

Co-chairs Larry Kudej and Tony Vola will lead the Senior Rights Committee that will explore the various issues confronting seniors while discussing their rights under existing law and identifying possible areas that need to be corrected through legislation, regulation or other means. Topics will include elder abuse, both physical and financial in institutional or family settings, financial exploitation by family members and other trusted advisors as well as protection from third party scams.

The Workforce and Access to Care and Services Committee will be chaired by Di Findley, a recognized leader on the subject of caregiver services in Iowa. Committee members will explore what Iowa can do to prepare, recruit and retain the professional workforce needed in light of the “Baby Boomer” population now entering their senior years.

Jim Cushing, Executive Director of the Iowa Association of Area Agencies on Aging, will chair the Navigating and Improving the System Committee. This committee will look at who needs to access the system for information resources as well as the types of information and resources needed to support aging in Iowa. The committee will explore the issues, concerns and gaps with the current system and how the system can be improved.

John Hale, owner of The Hale Group, a consulting and advocacy firm focused on aging and caregiving issues, will spearhead the Quality Care Committee. The discussion will center around the nursing home, home and community based services landscape as it currently exists in Iowa. The committee will also explore what they expect good quality care to look like.

Following the brief educational overview of these topics, Magee said that OIL members will break into separate committee sessions to further explore these items, reach consensus on possible solutions and then present their proposals to the entire membership at the Tuesday September 27 morning session. The OIL chair urges all OIL delegates to state their committee preference when registering for the annual meeting otherwise they will be assigned to a committee.

“ I ask all OIL members to participate in our annual meeting which will be held in the Iowa House Chamber at the State Capitol beginning at 12 noon on Monday September 26 and again on Tuesday September 27. This is your opportunity to have your say in what OIL will advocate on your behalf to the Governor and the Legislature during the next session of the Iowa General Assembly starting in January 2017” said Magee. Magee also suggests that current OIL members bring a guest to the annual meeting.

The only requirement to be a voting participant at the annual meeting is to have a current membership. The membership fee is $25.00 per year which can be mailed to OIL Treasurer, Diane Naujokaitis, 4002 N. 17th Street, Carter Lake, IA 51510.

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Senator Ragan to be recognized by Older Iowans Legislature

Contact:  Helene Magee   helene400@msn.com  563-580-9758

State Senator Amanda Ragan of Mason City, will be the recipient of The “Lahoma N. Counts Memorial Award” to be presented at the opening session of the Older Iowans Legislature on Monday, Sept. 26 in the House Chamber at the State Capitol in Des Moines.

Helene Magee, chair of the Older Iowans Legislature (OIL), said  the organization which advocates on behalf of Iowa’s seniors to the Legislature and the Governor, seldom presents this service award. Magee explained, “We believe Senator Ragan has gone above and beyond in her role as Chairperson of the Senate Human Resources Budget Committee in her commitment to fight for funding for programs which help elderly Iowans maintain a quality of life.”

“This award has special significance this year because it is named for the late Lahoma N. Counts, who was a strong advocate for senior issues and served as the director of Elderbridge Area Agency on Aging in Mason City from 1991 until her retirement in 2011. Lahoma was tragically killed in a car accident in late June in Worth County.

“Both Senator Ragan and Lahoma Counts have committed their lives to serving others so it is only fitting that Senator Ragan be the recipient of this special award,” said the OIL Chair.

The Older Iowans Legislature (OIL) is a non-profit, non-partisan, all volunteer organization.  All Iowans over the age of 50 are invited to participate in the organization’s annual meeting to be held in the Iowa House Chamber on Monday, Sept. 26 and Tuesday, Sept. 27.


July 2016 OIL Press Release

Older Iowans will have the opportunity to meet in the Iowa House of Representatives as members of the Older Iowans Legislature hold their annual meeting at the State Capitol on Monday, Sept. 26 and Tuesday, Sept. 27.

Iowans 50 years of age or older will sit at a legislators desk and have the opportunity to introduce issues and participate in the discussion of issues affecting their lives and the lives of their fellow Iowans. They will cast their votes electronically and thus it will be decided which three issues the Older Iowans Legislature will advocate next year to the Governor and to the Iowa General Assembly.

Helene Magee, Chair of the Older Iowans Legislature, (OIL) says the organization practices grassroots democracy. OIL is a non-profit, non-partisan, all volunteer organization with no formal headquarters and no paid staff or lobbyist. It was authorized by the Iowa Legislature 40 years ago to advocate on behalf of Iowas elderly in order to help older Iowans purse a quality of life, Magee explained.

The Older Iowans Legislature (OIL) has been successful in advocating for expansion of the Elder Abuse Law, Volunteer Ombudsmen Program, Substitute Decision Maker Program and funding for home and community based services.

Magee explained that membership in OIL is open to any Iowan over the age of 50. She suggests that older Iowans go to the website olderiowans.org for more information. Click on Join Us and fill out the membership form and come join us at the State Capitol in September.

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